What To Look for in a Jeweler

If you're looking for a Las Vegas Jeweler, your choices are many. It can be extremely difficult to settle on someone whom you can trust to give you the expertise that you are looking for. With so many choices for jewelers in Las Vegas, you should know exactly what you...

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Custom Ring Design Software Demonstration

Hello everybody. This is Dave Padgett with D&R House of Diamonds once again, and today I have the pleasure of introducing you to our new software design package that we've just installed. It gives us the great advantages of helping you design a beautiful...

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Need An Engagement Ring? Now What?

Well, you know, it's interesting. I have a lot of people sometime ask me, "What should I do first when I'm looking for a diamond engagement ring?" I think the biggest thing most people do today is they hop on the Internet, they do a little searching to see what's out...

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