Hello everybody. This is Dave Padgett with D&R House of Diamonds once again, and today I have the pleasure of introducing you to our new software design package that we’ve just installed. It gives us the great advantages of helping you design a beautiful engagement ring, diamond earrings, colored stone earrings, or beautiful diamond pendants, pretty much anything you might like in the fashion range.


The real true benefit of this new software program that we have is that we don’t start with a blank canvas. You actually get to choose from already designed pieces, and there are great advantages in that in giving you the ability to enhance or change the design in a way that you see fit. A lot of times you’ll start off with a ring, but you’ll want to add something to it, and that’s the beauty of this software. It does exactly that.


So today I thought I would just demonstrate a very classic design that shows off most of the features of our software so that you can see our capabilities and maybe we can apply it to something and create something great for you when the time comes that you might need something. You’ll want to set an appointment and come visit us.


First off, the ring that I have here today is pretty much a traditional solitaire. It’s 6 prongs. It has a little wider band on it as you can see, and the software will allow us to kind of change and manipulate a lot of features on this ring that I think you’ll find really interesting.


First off, let’s start with the band. It allows us to take that band from where it is right now, as you can see on the screen about 3.5 millimeters, and take it all the way down as low as we’d like, but I think a comfortable width for a solitaire is about 2.6 millimeters, 2.5. It’s about a standard width of a traditional solitaire.


This also let’s us adjust the finger size. This ring is currently a size 7.


We can take it down to about 5.75 to fit pretty much anyone’s exact finger size, even to the quarter size, which is great. So once it comes, it’s already in your size, and it should be a perfect fit.


If we look at the center diamond here, you’ll notice that this particular diamond is about a carat and three-quarters. We can adjust that size big or smaller. But for our purposes, let’s say you had a diamond or you’re looking to purchase a diamond about a one carat size, we can adjust that center stone to one carat, and that way you can visualize exactly what your diamond will look like in this particular design. For that matter in multiple designs that we can put together for you.


The other great thing about this is a lot of times you might like the diamond to be a little taller in the setting, you might like it to be a little lower in the setting. This setting allows us to do both for you. I kind of like the three little bears version, just right, right in the middle. Not too tall, not too low, but it allows enough light to get to that diamond to do what we know it needs to do best and that’s look brilliant and bright.


The other great feature is you may choose to do something other than a diamond in the center stone, and this particular package allows us to change it to any color of the spectrum. Here you can see we’ve changed it to a sapphire. We could also change it to a pink sapphire and even to a ruby if you’re looking for something in that regard. So great flexibility in what we can do with the center stone as far as shape, style. We can even change that shape, as I indicated, where here is an oval appearance versus the traditional round.


So as you can see there’s lots of things we can do, but we’re just getting started. If let’s say you love the metal, but you don’t necessarily like white gold, you like or prefer a yellow. As you can see we can quickly show you what it would look like in a yellow gold, or even today as vintage is so popular even a rose gold color is real beautiful. If you notice, as I’m changing the colors, the head of the diamond color stays white, and the reason for that is most prongs are usually always white gold because we don’t want to impact the color of the diamond. We want to maintain that beautiful, beautiful white brilliance that a white diamond projects.


So those are a few things that we can do to manipulate the styling, the color, the diamond, the height, etc., but one of the great features is maybe we want to dress it up a little bit. Maybe you’ve decided you don’t want just that traditional band look, but you’d like some side accent diamonds, and we can do that with simply a click. It allows us to add round diamonds, or we can change the shape to princess cut diamonds as you can see.


The great thing about this feature is you can adjust it as far as where you want the diamonds to begin and end. As you can see, I’m bringing them up the side of the band so there’s not quite as many stones, but the beauty of the ring is just incredibly enhanced by adding those side accent diamonds.


Now as we’ve designed this ring, a lot of times I’ll have my customer’s or clients indicate to me, “You know, I love it, but what will it look like on my hand?” Here’s a great feature. We call it the try-on feature where you can actually try the ring on a hand, and you can see how tall the diamond looks in perspective to the finger, what proportion it is. You can look at the ring from the top to see how you like it relative to the length of your finger and also even look at it in profile. And that gives you a pretty good representation of what it’s really going to look like once it’s completed and on your hand.


The final feature that I want to demonstrate, which I really think you’ll find is pretty amazing, is we’re going to take it from kind of a CAD/CAM cartoon look here as we’re working on it, kind of a digital look to more of a true photograph look. We’re going to go ahead and what we call render this ring so that you can see what it will look like in that capacity. It’s just a beautiful color picture of what the ring looks like, and we can actually render it from any position. And that way you’ll have the opportunity to look at your engagement ring from a finished perspective versus a digital design perspective. But I think, as you can see from that picture, it just looks incredible and the detail is pretty astounding.


So I think one of the great benefits of this program is you can actually see the ring before it’s completed and actually see what thickness, width, what it’s going to look like on your hand, what it’s going to look like in real life. That’s the real advantages when you come to D&R House of Diamonds and let us custom design something for you. You get a major role in the process. We get to sit down together and do it and design it together. We take your ideas, and we put it on canvas for you so you can see it.


So if you like this way of designing a custom designed ring, I hope you give us a call. We’re located in Tivoli Village on the third floor above Barton’s Gym. Probably the easiest way to get a hold of us is through our website at dandrhouseofdiamonds.com, or you can call us directly at 702-7583421. We’d like to meet you or any of your friends. We look forward to helping you design that perfect engagement ring right here in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.


Dave Padgett
Owner / Partner
Diamond Graduate GIA