When it comes to drawing attention toward a woman’s face, few pieces of jewelry do it as well as earrings. Once they are in place, their eye-level location guarantees that this is one adornment that others are bound to notice. That’s why only the best will do for you, and if you can purchase them at a savings, so much the better.

At D&R House of Diamonds, we make it easy to choose earrings that can’t help but make you look your best. Our breakthrough concept in jewelry sales allow you to purchase all your jewelry in a way that’s private, easy, relaxing and cost-effective. When you buy your earrings through D&R, you’re sure to enjoy the journey as much as the result.

D&R House of Diamonds vs. Your Local Brick-and-Mortar

At any traditional retail jewelry store, considerable overhead comes with the territory and always has an impact on the prices that you’ll pay. At D&R House of Diamonds, this is never the case. We help you save on your earring purchase in a special way: by serving your every jewelry need in the privacy of our office. Meeting with you by appointment gives us the time to work with you discreetly while you benefit from our more than 45 years’ worth of jewelry experience.

To ensure that you find the perfect pair of earrings, we provide access to hundreds of modern and vintage styles. Somewhere within our wide selection, you are certain to locate the style that suits your taste and your face as well as your pocketbook. Here are some of the models we offer.

Stud Earrings

The classic stud earring places a single diamond, pearl, ball shape or design precisely on the wearer’s earlobe. Some people also use the term to describe earrings that place the star of the show right beside the ear. Whatever your specific face shape, this earring style will surely flatter it.

Teardrop Earrings

As their name implies, teardrops dangle below the earlobe in a manner that resembles falling dew. Constructed as often from gemstones as they are from silver and gold, they especially flatter women whose faces are oval, round or heart-shaped.

Chandelier Earrings

The chandelier design combines the ball element of the traditional stud with the dangling component of the teardrop earring, resulting in an ornament that flatters in particular the woman whose face shape resembles a heart. The drop portion of the chandelier frequently widens just under the earlobe before resolving back to a narrower point.

Cluster Earrings

Although they sit on the earlobe in the manner of studs, cluster earrings aim to dazzle with groups of rhinestones, gems or alternative eye-catching elements that often extend below the lobe’s lower edge. Flashy and meant to be noticed, the clusters draw attention to the sides of a narrow face and thereby minimize its length.

Dangle Earrings

All dangle styles look stunning on the woman whose visage tends to be round or square. Although the longest of these bestow few favors on very narrow faces, the shorter dangle earring often does work well if the lower portion carries a bit of volume.

Hoop Earrings

The round aspect of hoop earrings often excels at adorning the woman with a square-shaped face. Traditionally crafted from precious metals in a flat or rounded configuration, they come in a wide range of diameters and widths.

Ear-Hugger Earrings

The small, wide hoops that define this new and popular style encircle the earlobe in a manner that closely resembles a fond embrace. Often studded with diamonds or other glittering gemstones, these up-to-the-minute adornments can look as good on men as they do on women.

The Earrings You Want at a Price You’ll Love

Dave and Rich at D&R House of Diamonds take pride in providing you with the perfect pair of earrings at a price that will never escalate in response to traditional overhead. Call or book on-line for an appointment today and see how easy it can be to choose your dream earrings in the quiet comfort of our private offices. We promise you’ll be glad you did.