Custom Jewelry

Custom JewelryThere is no one else in the world like you. Don’t you want the jewelry you wear to be just as unique? Now, thanks to the computer-aided design expertise of the jewelers at D&R House of Diamonds, it can. Whether your interests run to custom rings in general, diamond pendants, earrings, wedding rings or custom engagement rings, Dave & Rich will walk you through the process in a systematic manner, ensuring that your design will please you in every way.

Be Confident That We Can Help

When it comes to custom jewelry, three factors make D&R House of Diamonds stand out above the rest. They are:

  • Experience. We’ve worked in the industry for a long time. We know gemstones, and we will bring that knowledge along as we work directly with you in designing the jewelry of your dreams.
  • Design proficiency. This skill allows us to make any suggestions required to ensure the success of your creation from a design and structural aspect.
  • Technical expertise. Our tech-savvy experts combine computer-aided design with computer-aided manufacturing, using the latest CAD/CAM software to help you visualize your design before manufacture.

It’s Easier Than You Think

While some people come to us with a clear idea of the type of custom jewelry they want, others have only a general notion or no real conception at all. That’s when the magic of modern technology steps in, enabling us to show you exactly what the outcome will be. As you watch your creation take shape, you’ll have the chance to tweak it as much as you’d like. In the end, you’ll wind up with an adornment that is yours and yours alone, one that’s certain to be everything you’d hoped.

No Experience Required

If the thought of designing your own custom jewelry seems a bit intimidating, you can put your worries to rest. With our guidance, you will know up front whether what you’ve conceived in your mind’s eye will work precisely as you’d like or, in case there’s a problem, exactly what tweaks will make it possible.

How We Create Your Custom Jewelry

It may sound intimidating on the surface, but CAD/CAM technology is really quite simple once you know what it does. This breakthrough innovation in custom-aided design and manufacture lets you see in color and 3-D what you’ve already imagined. It is one thing to see a piece of jewelry in your mind. It is quite another when, through the power of the CAD/CAM process, you can watch as it comes to life before your eyes. In the end, there will be no surprises. What you see on the computer screen will be exactly what you’ll get.

What CAD/CAM Technology Will Do for You

Our CAD/CAM software will never start you off with a blank slate. You will begin by looking at a basic design that you then update, change or enhance in the way that pleases you most.

Imagine, for instance, that you’re starting with a simple diamond solitaire. The software can correct the image up or down to agree with your actual ring size. It will also let you change the width of the band or adjust the size and shape of the stone, permitting an assessment of the way in which such changes in scale enhance or diminish the overall piece.

This software will also let you evaluate such things as:

  • How a higher or lower setting would look.
  • How a change in the band’s metal color would affect the stone’s appearance.
  • How the same ring would come across if a sapphire, ruby or other gem took center stage.
  • How a few accent stones on the band might enhance or detract from the diamond itself.

Once you’ve gotten these basics exactly as you like them, the try-on feature will let you see exactly how the ring will appear from every angle. In this way, you can check its proportion and height with respect to the actual size and length of your own hand.

Best of all, the software lets you change your creation’s digital appearance to a true photographic impression, letting you know exactly how your jewelry will look in real life.

Come Sit With Us

With CAD/CAM software, no design is too complex. We are proud that at D&R House of Diamonds, we can use its magic to help turn your ideas for custom rings, custom engagement rings or other custom jewelry into reality. Not every jeweler offers this technology, so give us a call at 702-758-3421 and come visit us soon. Together, we’ll design something amazing.